Monthly Wrap Up | January 2015

Yet again my list of books I've read over the past month isn't impressive. That's what placement and nights full of planning will do to your reading life! Here's the run down of the books that kept me company in January! As always, click the picture to read my review.

What I've Read

I Need You by Jane Lark

Standing By by Claudia Y. Burgoa

All I Want by J. Daniels

Currently Reading

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark

I suppose it's rather embarrassing that Girl Online is sat under the Currently Reading heading a month on, and what's even sadder is that I have got no further along. My train ticket is still marking page 217, waiting for my return. I don't even know why, I actually like the book and I was really enjoying it during the Christmas break. I'll definitely aim to finish it in February! I have no doubt in my mind that I'll finish The Boy Next Door, in fact I think it will be pretty imminent. Reviews for both books will be posted when I finish them!

So they're the books that kept me company during January! Let me know in the comments what you've been reading, I'd love to know!

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