Killing Casanova by Kary Rader | Review

      Title: Killing Casanova

      Author: Kary Rader

      Release Date: June 30th, 2015

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, that does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review in any way.

Description from Goodreads

A smooth talking negotiator, Jared Cassidy does multi-million dollar deals for breakfast...and any number of women in between. What he can't handle? His mother. And in a moment of insanity he told her he'd finally found a bride.

More than anyone, romance novel addict Violet Murphy knows where her rakish boss has been. That's why she's steered clear. But now, having accepted a proposal that's only moderately less indecent than usual, she has two choices: spend two steamy and lavishly paid weeks as the pretend fiancee of a playboy no woman has ever truly understood, or use the time in Palm Beach to kill the image and reveal the man. In doing the latter, she'll find paradise, passion, and the promise of a future she's only ever imagined. 

I liked Killing Casanova, it didn't break boundaries or make me weak at the knees, but it was nice yet nothing spectacular. I liked the storyline and I liked the characters, it was all very nice. Violet is Jared's assistant, he's flirted with her since she started the job but he's made it abundantly clear he doesn't want anything serious. Violet's okay with that and makes sure to keep Jared away from her heart. things started to get a bit confusing for me when the weird dating database calculator thingy started getting involved. Apparently, all employees at the company get assessed and matched. Now is that odd? Because to me that's odd. It gets better though, some of the 'top' matches, which is those that are extremely compatible, started dating and got engaged. Violet and Jared are two of the compatible matches, but as he doesn't do serious they do nothing about it.

I personally felt that the weird dating service situation was an unnecessary added extra. It kind of confused me, and the whole one lady got two matches distracted me, and in some parts I'd rather have heard more about that plot line.

At one point when Jared and Violet enter Jared's childhood bedroom he makes a joke that he's not Ryan Reynolds and that their situation isn't The Proposal. But you know what? It kind of was. Guy tells dying mother that he's engaged to please her, they go stay with his family, flirt a ridiculous amount, he meets up with his childhood sweetheart and one woman he actually allowed himself to love, they start falling for each other and then she runs away. Spot any similarities? Bit too similar, if you ask me. I loved The Proposal, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to read a poor knock off that doesn't even have Ryan Reynolds and the legend that is Sandra Bullock. Once I clicked on I couldn't really appreciate the novel fully.

Now to talk about the characters, Jared is a typical playboy with commitment issues, and Violet likes to shy away from people. I get the solitude, I do, but the reasoning behind it felt a bit weak. 

Killing Casanova was an okay book, I wouldn't urge you to go out and buy it immediately, but it's nice and would be good as a mindless beach read.

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'Killing Casanova' by Kary Rader
3 Stars

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