Like Candy and Sweet Liar by Debra Doxer | Cover Reveal

In this cover reveal we get not one, but TWO covers! Now I'm super excited for this book, it sounds right up my street and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Like Candy is the first book in the series, and here's the cover!

Well, what do you think? I'm definitely feeling it! The more I look, the more I like! It's the small details that really make this cover interesting, the sweets next to what appears to be blood splatters. It's intriguing and really makes me want to read it!

If you like the look of the cover, then read on for the synopsis!

Like Candy by Debra Doxer
Published July 28th
The Candy Series #1

Description from Goodreads:

Revenge is sweet, just like candy.

Candy Seaborne knows she's badass. She takes after her father, an assassin and possibly a spy, although he won't admit to either. She idolises him. Her dream is to follow in his footsteps. But first she has to finish high school.

Biding her time, waiting for real life to begin, Candy craves drama and isn't above manufacturing some. If you're a classmate who wrong her or a boyfriend who cheated, watch your back. She's no pushover, and revenge may be her favourite pastime.

Jonah Bryson is the senior class heartthrob who breaks all the stereotypes. He's a jock, but he sin't the typical player. He's moody and antisocial. No girl has gotten anywhere with him since his last girlfriend broke his heart.

Candy sees Jonah as a challenge and the perfect distraction. But she may be in over her head because unlike everyone else, Jonah isn't buying her tough act. He sees the lost, lonely girl inside. He sees too much. When he looks at her that way, she wants to let her guard down and be vulnerable. But that's the last thing she should do because her father's world is spilling over into hers, and life is about to get real much sooner than Candy expected.

Next up is the second book in the series, Sweet Liar.

The cover for Sweet Liar is following on with the same black and white chalkboard theme as Like Candy, so kudos for continuity (ya'll know us book lovers HATE when he covers in a series don't match!)

I don't know what the synopsis is for Sweet Liar, but if I love Like Candy as much as I think I'm going to, then I'll be reading this book too! All's I do know is that the story is told over two full-length books.

About The Author

Debra Doxer was born in Boston, and other than a few lost years in the California sunshine, she has always resided in the Boston area. She writes fiction, technical software documents, illegible scribbles on sticky notes, and texts that get mangled by AutoCorrect. She writes for a living, and she writes for fun. When her daughter asks her when she'll run out of words, her response always is, "when I run out of time."

Connect with Debra, she loves hearing from readers!

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