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This Week's Question

How do you decide what books to read?

Hmm, honestly? There's a few different ways I'll pick out a book and start reading.

First - I'll look through reviews and pick out any books that interest me, then I'll head on over to Goodreads and amazon and get that bad boy on my Kindle pronto.

Second - When I'm on NetGalley I'll judge the books by the covers first and their synopsis second (don't judge!) If I like what I see then I'll get requesting.

When it comes to the actual picking of a book to sit down and dive right into, well, it can be a very spur of the moment thing. Sometimes I'll just pick a book that I'm craving (who knew you could get book cravings, but apparently you can), other times I'll read a book because I need to beat a deadline. I like to read books that I enjoy, so I always aim to read books that I like. Quite often I find that I'll read books with a similar genre and theme one after the other, so I'll scour my TBR or Kindle for a book that will give me my next fix.

I'm fairly certain my answer just made me sound like a lunatic, but I'm cool with that. I am what I am,  and that's a crazy book loving lunatic.

How do you pick which books you're going to read? Let me know in the comments!

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