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From bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie, comes a new adult romantic comedy about a girl who'll soon discover that some secrets can't be kept forever, especially those of the heart.

My name is Skylar Quinn, I just moved to New york with my best friend Bridget, and I have a confession. Well, more than one. Okay, quite a few really. Fine, here goes!

Confession #1: I'm a sex columnist. Hold on, that's not really the confession. You see, I'm sort of a columnist.

Confession #2: I'm in love with Bridget's older brother, Oliver. No—I was. No—I am. Wait, was? Am? Crap.

Confession #3: I've been avoiding Oliver for four years. Or I was until today, because he just moved in. Yes, you read that correctly. He's my new roommate. So that night we've both been pretending never happened, well, we might not be able to keep it a secret any longer.

And trust me, this is only the beginning.

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Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist was featured in my First Impression Friday review which you can read here

I really enjoyed Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist, it was fun and scratched my New Adult itch. I liked Skylar immediately, she's just your average 22 year old, very down to earth and clumsy as hell. The fact that she's clumsy and prone to making herself look like an idiot, along with the fact that she's not some makeup wearing fashion guru that's doesn't even try was very refreshing and appealing. There's nothing wrong with makeup wearing fashion gurus that don't even try, but sometimes it's nice to find a character that screams 'I'm a real person'. And honestly, if she was a makeup wearing fashion guru the book really wouldn't have worked. 

Not only did Skye's clumsy ways make her a very realistic character, they also added a lot of humour to the book. Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist had me laughing out loud on public transport, making me look like a crazy person. But it was just so funny! 

So Skye gets a dating column, and she has to get into the nitty ditty details of a 22 year olds dating life, which you'd expect to be full of sexual exploits. As the title suggests Skye's life is very far from that, so she enlists the help of her best friend Bridget. I'd really have liked to see more of Skye's work and the writing of the column. I think it would have definitely been an entertaining addition to the novel. 

For the column Skye is told to start dating. Now, the reader knows that Skye has feelings for Ollie, Bridget's older brother and their new roommate. So at this point I was wondering how the whole dating someone thing was going to work out. Especially when Patrick walked on the scene and I really liked him, I didn't want Skye to hurt him, crazy as it may sound. I don't want to give anything away, but Kay Marie handled the whole fancying your best friend's older brother while being in a relationship thing very well. 

A moment that really stood out to me in Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist was the 'confession' at the beginning of Chapter 21. It went as follows,

"Want to know the real reason I'm a virgin? Because I want to be. Maybe it's idealistic, but I've been waiting to be in love with someone who truly loves me back. So maybe my first confession shouldn't have been that I'm a twenty-two year old virgin. I mean, who cares? The real confession is that I'm a twenty-two year old who's never been in love. And to be honest, that's much more depressing to me."

That really struck a chord with me, it's a view that I think may have become outdated and forgotten in todays society among the over sexualisation of men and women and the infamous sex tapes of the famous. Who cares if you have or haven't had sex? I don't understand what the big deal is with the label 'virgin', so I thank Kay Marie for creating a character that wants love above shedding a label.

In the first impression review (read here) I mentioned that I thought Ollie was a bit immature. After finishing the book I can say that this point stayed with me for a lot of the book. My annoyance did subside quite a bit, especially as it became apparent that jealousy was ruling Ollie's actions. (Swoon or what?!)

My one major complaint with Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist? The ending! I was not ready for it to end the way it did. One minute I'm happily reading and the next there's an advertisement for the next book in the series. Well, it looks like I'll be reading that one as well then!!

What's the last book you read that you weren't ready to end?  Let me know in the comments!

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