First Impression Friday | Southern Perfection by Casey Peeler

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Southern Perfection by Casey Peeler

So far I'm not so sure about this book. I like the storyline so far, I don't have a problem with that at all. My issue comes with the actual writing. It feels immature.

Rae is a really hardworking character, she lost her parents at a really young age so her Grandpa her is her world. She helps at their farm, works really hard at school and she's a cheerleader. So of course all the boys are interested, would it be contemporary romance if they weren't? 

There seems to be a lot of repetition going on in Southern Perfection. There's a split narrative between Rae and Emmett, which I have no problems with, I rather enjoy a split narrative. However, something happens in Rae's narrative, and then what do you know, we're hearing all about it again in Emmett's. Not something I particularly appreciate.

So that's all been going on, and all the while the style of writing has been bugging me. The characters are coming off really young, I mean younger than they are young. And it's a shame, because I really like Rae and Emmett so far.

I'm going to keep persisting with Southern Perfection because I'm liking the story, hopefully those couple annoying things will pass!

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