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Description from Goodreads:

Life is random...

19-year-old Jess Donovan knows better than most that her life is random. Her mom is dead, and she's on her own, patching together a living as a waitress when a car crashes through the restaurant where she works. In two seconds she loses her job, watches her best friend hauled away in an ambulance...and meets Tyler Smith, one of the hottest, most fascinating — and mysterious guys she's ever met.

Both for the good and the bad...

Within days, Jess is swept up into the mesmerising force that is Tyler. Their every touch sizzles, every kiss dissolves them both, and the sex is...fierce. But there's more to Tyler than his hypnotic eyes. He's adrift, too, and his body — and his soul — are covered with scars. How can she find herself with a guy who is lost himself?

It seems that I'm unable to finish a book at the moment. Random is the third book that I can't bring myself to read and finish recently. Clearly I'm not picking them well. Yes, I've been really busy lately, but if I had wanted to read Random then I would have made time. I've signed it off as a lost cause and I'm ready to move on to a book that I'll hopefully finish. After reading the description again while writing this post I'm honestly surprised I ever decided to read it in the first place!

I got about half way into this book before deciding to call it quits, and personally I think that's a fair shot. I don't know if there's a specific thing that I didn't like about Random, I think it was more overall badness in my opinion.

For starters I wasn't too keen on Jess. I found her to be an insipid character. Her boyfriend was a COMPLETE JERK and it takes her being PUNCHED in a bar fight and then getting blamed by him for her to realise that! Talk about ridiculous! Then things with Tyler started heating up, and she'd been broken up how long? A day maybe? To say she was 'devastated' she was sure able to overcome it pretty quickly.

At one point Tyler asks Jess if he can paint her, she agrees. Then he asks her to take her top and bra off and cover herself with a sheet. Little excessive if you ask me. Jess was clearly thinking the same thing, she was pretty adamant she wasn't going to go topless in front of him. For two seconds. It didn't take long for her to drop the sheet and bare chests to be rubbing against each other. It was around about then I decided to call it a day. I didn't like Jess or Tyler, so there was really no point in continuing.

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'Random' by Lark O'Neal
Did Not Finish

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