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Becoming More pretty much frustrated me the entire time I was reading. Lilly moves to college with her best friend Lauren and long-term boyfriend Sander, expecting things to stay as they always were. But obviously they don’t. Bayli Lane pretty much sets the naïve notion up for disaster when they all go to a party on the first night, and Lilly finds herself ditched by both best friend and boyfriend. Sander and Lauren continue to do awful thing after awful thing, and Lilly lets them get away with it. This complete pushover aspect to Lilly’s character really bugged me. She continually makes excuses for the two people who should treat her brilliantly.

While Lilly struggles with Sander she meets Colton, and he treats her brilliantly, but this doesn't stop her from continuing her relationship with Sander, EVEN THOUGH HE PHYSICALLY ABUSES HER. And then, at the end of the book she says, “I’ve learned that sometimes the best thing to do is walk away”. Really? It took you 322 pages to figure that out. Never heard the song by The Script, entitled Walk Away? Because that pretty much sums up everything you just said. I felt like Danny O'Donoghue, repeatedly muttering to myself 'but still she stays'.

As if it’s not enough that Lilly is a complete pushover without a backbone, Lane’s narrative was riddled with inconsistencies. Colton answers the door, and Lilly makes a point out of him wearing only BOXER BRIEFS, his ass is described in detail, as are his tattoos and chest. But then, suddenly, two pages later she’s grabbing his t-shirt and pulling him towards her. With no mention of him ever putting a top on, this really doesn’t add up.

Lilly starts to see Colton while she is still dating Sander, and some of the imagery used is a tad too ridiculous, do we really want to know that you “digest one another”, or that “they [their tongues] tango together as we explore each other’s mouths, not even bothering to come up for air”, I think you’ll find that that would kill you. Funny thing breathing, you actually need to do it in order to survive. Bayli Lane then decides to get all cheesy, “our love shines like the brightest stars in the sky”. Yuck.

Sometimes authors leave you with an epilogue, and Lane did just this. But she went above and beyond, and did three parts to hers, and even though she does this I don’t feel like the epilogue gave me any closure.

Becoming More is a book I definitely will not be recommending to anyone anytime soon. Maybe you’ve read this book and thought differently? Let me know what you thought of this book and if there are any books that you had a similar experience with.

'Becoming More' by Bayli Lane

1 Star

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