The Summer I Said Yes Review

Description from Goodreads:

I'm not in any position to pursue a relationship. The last one I was in almost destroyed me. But even though I know he's toxic, I can't stay away.

He has a dangerous smile and eyes that seem to see right through me. A kiss that makes me forget all the ways he could break me. And when he touches me, I become a wild thing that disregards all the walls I so carefully erected to keep me safe.

So I left without saying goodbye.

I thought that was the end. I thought I'd never see him again. And then he walked into the Freshman Art History Study course I was teaching.

This was yet another find on Goodreads, The Summer I Said Yes has a pretty decent rating and lots of very good reviews, so I  decided to read it. I wish that I hadn't bothered. The synopsis clearly states that she ends up teaching her summer fling in a Freshman Art History lesson. I can never remember the American grades, so I had no idea when I started reading that Jack was only 18. Not such a big deal? Well, when Emily's 24 it kind of is. She's the TA in the lesson, it's forbidden for them to date, but he still pursues her. Okay, she sends him mixed messages, but dude, you're EIGHTEEN! Don't start a bar fight over a girl that isn't even 'yours'.

Before the crazy teacher-student relationship Jack and Emily meet at a wedding party Emily is working. He, apparently, fell for her legs, and jumps into the swimming pool naked. She runs away from him a few times, and then she takes him back to her apartment. He has, not one, but 25 condoms in his pockets. Little excessive. The next morning he cooks her breakfast, a normal thing to happen, and then gets down on one knee and proposes with a plastic ring. They've only known each other for three days at this point. The guy is clearly crazy, RUN, ESCAPE AND NEVER LOOK BACK. Emily senses the crazy and runs. And I commend her for that. 

"He didn't mean to come on so strong? He'd proposed marriage after knowing me for only a few days, and just moments before, he'd suggested that this bizarre infatuation had started when he saw my legs on my morning beach run."

That's one crazy eighteen year-old. 

So not only was there a six year age gap, there was also a love triangle. I know! I didn't think the book could fall any lower, and then it did. Peter is the guy that I would pick, hands down. I don't care about the incredible chemistry and sizzling passion between Jack and Emily. He's a boy, and it doesn't matter what the authors got him saying, he does not have the emotional maturity to date a 24 year-old, let alone marry one!

"I was a 24-year-old woman obsessing over an 18 year old boy. It was pathetic and creepy."

My sentiments exactly.

A little aside, Emily moans about Jack being immature constantly, yet she's clearly the really immature one.

The ending really bugged me, as if there wasn't enough for me to moan about. I'm not going to say what happens, nobody wants a spoiler. But I will say that there's a huge cliffhanger, and sometimes I don't mind a cliffhanger, they can work. Especially when the authors actually publish the sequel. That's right, the second book is yet to be published. This is despite the fact that on Grace Wells' website it very clearly says

"The tentative release date for the sequel, 'The Winter I Let Go', is December 2013."

It's nearing the end of September 2014 and The Winter I Let I Go still hasn't been released. This wouldn't annoy me so much if the cliffhanger wasn't SO annoying.

I didn't enjoy The Summer I Said Yes, the premise really appealed to me, and perhaps I expected too much. I'm disappointed and annoyed. I moaned to my friend about this book A LOT. So I can honestly say that I really didn't enjoy it.

Did you enjoy The Summer I Said Yes? Or did you have the same reaction as me? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear what you thought of this book. If you're new to the blog I'd love you to follow me on Bloglovin'!

'The Summer I Said Yes' by Tess Harper and Grace Wells
1 Star

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