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What can I say about The Maze Runner? There’s been so much coverage of The Maze Runner, it’s been turned into a motion picture, and, honestly, I was a little apprehensive. My sister and I were in Waterstones, and there was a big stand with The Maze Runner books on. We talked it over and decided to get the first book in the series, The Maze Runner, cause you don’t want to buy a load of books in a series and find out you don’t like them. But I did like it. Oh boy did I like it.

Thomas wakes up in a lift, with no memories, only his name. He finds himself in the centre of a maze, with boys who don’t have any memories either. The maze outside their walls is ever changing and their only way out. And then a girl arrives, and she comes with a message that changes everything.

She’s the last one. Ever.

I devoured this book. James Dashner created an amazing setting and equally incredible characters. The maze and its threats were genuinely terrifying. I instantly felt for Thomas, being trapped in an unusual world with no knowledge of his previous life, a very scary prospect. In the novel there are Grievers, half monster half machine, that lurk in the maze, killing or poisoning boys if they get the chance. The Grievers poison is deadly, but a serum prevents death and causes the changing. Immediately boys that have undergone the changing signal Thomas out, this creates a mystery to Thomas’ character, and becomes just another thing that I wanted to find the answers to.

And that’s why I read this book in a day. Because I had to know why some boys recognised Thomas, why the girl was so important, who put them all in the maze, and if they’d ever get out.

I was lost for words when I finished, I kept thinking about this book. The Epilogue was just WOW. I now HAVE to read The Scorch Trials.

I now completely understand the praise given to The Maze Runner. James Dashner has given new life to the dystopian genre. I adored The Maze Runner. Did you love it too? Let me what you thought about this book in the comments. If you're a new visitor I'd love you to follow me on Bloglovin' too!

'The Maze Runner' by James Dashner

5 Stars

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