Falling For A Cyborg | Partials Review

I loved this book! I'm a sucker for anything dystopian, so Partials held a lot of promise, and boy did it deliver. Dan Wells was able to establish a dystopian novel that was not another carbon copy of other books in this genre. All too often authors are falling into The Hunger Games trap, poorly recreating the brilliant story by Suzanne Collins. Dan Wells did not do this. Partials was unique. Yes, there may be dystopian novels with diseases crippling humanity such as Wither, but did they have cyborgs? No, they did not.

Kira lives among a colony of survivors in Long Island after the war against the Partials decimated humanity. A weaponised virus was released that has left only the few who are immune. Sixteen year-old Kira desperately wants to find a cure, the ever lowering government enforced minimum age for required pregnancy spurring her on. Kira must travel to the Partial colony to track an engineered organic being down, and take him back for investigation. This introduces Samm, the Partial with heart that I really began to like. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and the characters, especially the strong female protagonist, Kira. There were no love triangles or the constant focus on boys, and this is quite an uncommon find within this genre of books. This does not mean, however, that there is no romance, Wells has included a bit of love interest within Partials between Kira and Marcus, however I repeatedly felt during the book that Kira's affections may change, and I hope that in the sequel Fragments, this does happen.

Dan Wells offers a wholly refreshing and enjoyable dystopian novel in the form of Partials. I loved and am already planning to read the sequel. Did you feel the same? Let me know in the comments.

'Partials' by Dan Wells
5 Stars

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